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Click this link to go to Mark Passio's website what on earth is happening, one of the few people on this earth who have ANY fucking clue what is happening on earth right now.

The above video is a good quick summary of the real reasons covid-19 is being pushed so hard. This article talks about a video from Dr. Malone, who was involved in creating these new genetically modifying vaccines. The powers that be try to discredit him, but balanced critical thinking would suggest a man taking this kind of abuse and attack for speaking out is probably sincere. People sometimes crave attention, even negative attention, and it is suspicious that a good man would be involved in creating dangerous gene manipulation therapy in the first place. However, we can all change and develop a conscience later in life. Not everybody does, and perhaps he started out naive and thought this kind of vaccine could be a good thing. Perhaps now he realizes it was always ultimately intended for evil purposes. Everybody must decide this issue for themselves.

The above video is a good quick summary of reasons why the covid-19 vaccine is the Biblical "Mark of the Beast." I took TWO shots of the "Mark of the Beast" then before I understood what was going on. It had the opposite effect of damning me to hell, and actually woke me up completely! The Biblical lingo says you must accept the mark in YOUR RIGHT HAND (ACTIONS) OR FOREHEAD (MENTAL AGREEMENT TO TAKE THE JAB DESPITE KNOWING WHAT THE VACCINE IS)! So, by that definition I only accepted the mark with my actions, but not my forehead. I will NOT take anymore, even under threat of death. Yes, yes, I know it Bible says OR, so perhaps some think I'm screwed now. But did you read the Mandela warning that should have popped up when you entered this page? Bible verses are being supernaturally changed anyway, so I say it probably said AND in the past. Hahaha...if Satan wants to change fucking Bible verses, I can play that game too! The Bible says whatever I god-damn say it says, and so ya gotta accept the mark both in MENTAL agreement of knowing what the covid-19 vaccine is AND in ACTIONS to take it anyway! I know the Creator God well enough to know ya got infinite chances really. Read my main site the origin of god if ya want more details about God than ya ever fucking wanted ta know!

The above video is also from Dr. Yeadon, and it is a good summary of the whole covid narrative and what it is about. So, I thought I would include it.

The above video is an even later video from Dr. Yeadon, showing he is continuing to process the full awful truth over several years. You can too!

The above video is like a FINAL summary video from Dr. Yeadon, showing he has figured it all out for us. Believe him!

The above video talks about Bill Gates investing in vaccines because of profit in a "20-1 ratio", and Gates mentions normalcy only returns when the global population is vaccinated. Trudeau is heard saying nobody can return to normal until a vaccine is developed, but that is a lie because they never intend to return to normal, and they are now using the phrase "up to date" on your vaccine, meaning perpetual vaccines are in the works. Doug Ford is heard saying "until we get a vaccine going back to normal puts lives at risk." BUT THE VACCINE IS THE RISK AND THEY REFUSE TO ADMIT IT! World leaders are heard saying they intend to deploy to the whole world. The video also talks about new police gestapo powers to enter homes without a warrant and take people away to force vaccinate them, etc... suggest to watch it.

Published June 14, 2022. Proof of what I said above. Federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos says covid vaccines wane and you need to keep up to date. They simply want to condition to accept the new phrase "up to date" on your vaccines, as they intend perpetual suffering & death & experiments unless the people somehow stop them.

As counter to Canada's nonsense in the previous video, I found this video where senator Paul Rand attacks Dr. Facui about how ridiculous it is to take repeated boosters on a dangerous vaccine that doesn't work, and also then repeatedly boost children with this new and unproven vaccine (deadly gene manipulation therapy actually). He does not talk about vaccinating pregnant women, but they do this too and recommend it. Does this sound like we can trust ANY government anymore? There are some decent critical thinkers like senator Rand in all governments, but they are surrounded by so many Nazis that these voices are pretty much silenced. Mainstream media will never show you this video.

This video kept on getting taken down on Facebook. I didn't believe it then, but now it is impossible to ignore. Everything he said, happened. Conspiracy theories are only theories until they are proven correct. This has been proven correct on everything he said. Share this video EVERYWHERE!

Fear of sacrifice in the freedom community, the reason humanity is NOT free and going into greater slavery.

Mark Passio with David Icke

Basically, it starts pretty young:
Parents (mind controlled themselves usually): obey or else
School: obey or fail
Religion: obey or hell
Employer: obey or fired
Governments: obey or jail
The whole system is based on (and ruled by) fear, lies & error, lack of freedom!
The whole system is also based on trauma based mind control from birth

Here are some good tests to see if you are mind controlled. If you think covid-19 vaccine is safe and necessary, despite TONS of evidence coming out that proves the opposite, then you are showing evidence of mkultra type trauma based mind control to NOT question the official government narrative. They are testing their programs and systems worldwide, and they are almost ready to attempt to forcefully push the world into accepting open worldwide communist dictatorship. Their hidden worldwide communist dictatorship is already in place, as proven by that fact that ALL governments (except Russia--think about it and why Russia may not be as bad as you are led to believe) pushed the covid psyop narrative and still do! Russia refused the Pfizer & Moderna vaccine and claimed they would make their own.

Don't get me wrong. Russia is a dictatorship too, and all governments are about flawed humans dictating "truth" to other flawed humans and you must comply OR ELSE! Russia is just an independent dictatorship not controlled by the privately owned central banks and bankers. But all forms of centralized governments are evil and need to go. People must learn to think for themselves and independently. The issue is NOT whether or not the science is correct. I don't have to be an expert and lay out tons of evidence to governments representatives and convince them I am right. The government just spins it all differently and refuses to accept the truth anyway, as probably most reading this do the same. Most are programmed to ultimately go along with the government, whether sincerely confused & programmed to not think too much or not think very critically & clearly, OR fear of negative consequences to themselves if they don't capitulate. Those who break the programming would rather suffer and/or die than go along with the lying narrative.

The real issue is: I have analyzed the evidence for myself and covid is obvious bullshit. I refuse any more shots, even under ANY threat: fines, jail or even death. If you are afraid of that possibility, then that is normal. Everybody feels that way. But if you cannot face that, then that is evidence you have NOT broken the trauma based mind control ALL governments put on their "citizens" from birth. Yes, they do it to everybody from birth, whether more directly through humans or sort of indirectly through literal demons. Some break the programming in time, but most do not. Originator-Creator-Oversoul (OCO) is ultimately in control of the type and intensity of your mkultra mind control. If you fear jail too much, that is possibly because you endured literal rape, torture, drugs like LSD, threats of death during this etc... Everybody has some subconscious memory of these tpes of traumas, literal or otherwise, as this is how they trauma program ALL people from birth. Then they can bury conscious memories of these things under more layers of programming.

If you fear death, that is because they program your mind to fear literal fire forever, even worse than rape, torture, murder memories, whether or not you remember these things consciously OR subconsciously. A big part of the test of life is to discern & discard religious lies about the afterlife. This reality is like a prison planet for spirits, and death is a good thing, if you are ready to leave attachment to the physical and return to pure spirit state that you once had. You are here to remember, and for growth and learning and to return home. Most are not ready for this and would prefer to live as flesh and blood forever. But flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of OCO. If you need more flesh lives, then that is your destiny. This is my last one and I am here to tell you the truth.

Mind control is so pervasive that I thought I would post a few select videos as examples from Mark Passio's ARK drive:

Minds of Men

Thoughts are not not yours (mind control in America)

TV programming (mnemonic mind control)

mk-ultra minds

Haarp control

Cathy O'brien, Mk-ultra survivor

Trance movie, with Cathy O'brien commentary on New World Order

Mirage Men: Older video about UFOs, but even government openly admits these days that UFOs are a real phenomenon. However, people are mostly mind controlled these days to only believe they can be "highly evolved ancient alien-gods" and refuse to accept they could be demons.

UFO Chronicles - Alien Science and Spirituality: Older video about UFOs, but even government openly admits these days that UFOs are a real phenomenon. However, people are mostly mind controlled these days to only believe they can be "highly evolved ancient alien-gods" and refuse to accept they could be demons.

Click video above for video clip, which full video is available at this link.

911 - Conspiracy Theory: Most are mind controlled and think it evil to even question 911 could be an inside job. American government admits to doing vicious mkultra tortures on their own citizens, but they would never do 911 on themselves as an excuse to take away rights to "keep us safe" and as excuse to start a war, right?

911 - Painful Deceptions: Most are mind controlled and think it evil to even question 911 could be an inside job. American government admits to doing vicious mkultra tortures on their own citizens, but they would never do 911 on themselves as an excuse to take away rights to "keep us safe" and as excuse to start a war, right?

Mind Control in the 21 Century (some very good 911 details in this link)

The next videos are NOT on Mark Passio's drive, but I got them elsewhere. They are disturbing, but I thought they were important to post nonetheless. Inability to accept the many obvious and evident truths on this page is evidence of mkultra-type rape of the mind

Modern mkultra

Dangerous Spiritual Man David Koresh

Secret Societies: More from Jon Rappoport

Conspiracy reality/truth

Conspiracy reality/truth (full version over 2 hours---mp3 only)

The next videos are more recent examples of mass mind control, manipulation by media of facts/events, spin and narrative creation etc... we can speculate about why Ashli Babbitt was publicly executed at the Jan 6, 2021 Trump protest (knew too much? discredit Trump? subconscious fear programming to inhibit future public protests?), but there can be NO doubt that the powers that be (TPTB) both planned AND murdered this woman. Don't believe anybody's narrative. Watch both videos and make your own decision.

January 6, 2021: Ashli Babbit public execution on capital hill

January 6, 2021: Edward "Jake" Lang political prisoner from capital hill riot

January 6, 2021: To be fair, since massive deceit runs rampant these days, I also post this compelling video that perhaps the entire January 6 affair is bullshit. Decide for yourself.

My readers should have seen the Mandela warning on entry to this site. The Bible, and 5 sense reality itself, is NOT what it appears to be and cannot be fully trusted. In light of Bible verses being supernaturally changed, I place less confidence in Bible spins than my own inward sense of God "speaking to me personally." Nonetheless, I still think there is some value to Bible warnings about what on earth is happening, in a symbolic sense at least. I don't agree with everything this prophecy "scholar" says, but post some links for your consideration. If he is right, there will come a day when my site will be shutdown as "disinformation" or spreading false "conspiracy theories." Copy the pages and save them on your hard drive! There may come a day when you want to individually email my pages to others!

  1. Digital Dollar, End of Free Speech, and 666

  2. Bill SB-1390 Social media platforms: amplification of harmful content. If you think this is only being planned for California, you are naive. Key quote below:

    This bill would prohibit a social media platform, as defined, from amplifying harmful content in a manner that results in a user viewing harmful content from another user with whom the user did not choose to share a connection. The bill would define "amplify" to mean to take action, either through manual or automatic means, that has the effect of increasing the viewership of certain material. The bill would provide that harmful content includes libel or slander, as specified, threats of imminent violence against governmental entities, and disinformation or misinformation, including, but not limited to, false or misleading information regarding medicine or vaccinations, false or misleading information regarding elections, and conspiracy theories.

    WEBSITE AUTHOR'S NOTE: In light of all the medical evidence coming out against covid-19 lies, do you really trust the governments of this world will sincerely discern truth for you about "disinformation, misinformation, misleading information about vaccines, election fraud, and especially CONSPIRACY THEORIES?" People need to get ready to DIE or be unjustly jailed FOREVER for knowing the truth and refusing to go along with all the bullshit!

  3. How far has America gone down the path to totalitarianism?

  4. The EU is allowing the linking of face recognition databases to create a mega surveillance system -- 666 infrastructure being put into place.

  5. Extra Bible site links, and generally decent websites.

More Mark Passio and David Icke videos about our simulated matrix-like reality, and the 5 sense control mechanisms all around us by clicking 14 Videos from David Icke AND 3 videos from Mark Passio.

I highly recommend obtaining Mark Passio's ARK (Amazing Repository of Knowledge) drive directly from him. I cannot share his tens of thousands of videos, ebooks, articles, pdfs, audio books, etc... and it would probably all be censored at some time in the future anyway. The ARK external drive is not connected to the internet so can't be censored. Mark has very particular steps to follow, and asks for a donation.


As a convenience, my readers may get it from me a little easier. I will buy a 2TB external hard drive, copy the information over, and mail it anywhere in the world. The hard drive is currently about $110.00 Canadian and I add $20.00 shipping costs. This is only to cover my costs and time, and I am not trying to make a profit. The paypal button below has all the details.

Alternatively, I found this link (maintained by somebody else so I can't guarantee how long it will remain) with at least some of the drive information. I tested it, and it can take days to download all the zip files, depending on your connection speed, and some of the information differs from the physical drive Mark sent me. I am not sure which drive has the most recent information, but it can be better than nothing, for those who can't pay and want something NOW.

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